Expand life of your chess computer

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Expand life of your chess computer

Unread post by Sargon72 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:30 am

Hello All,

Well as we know our chess computer getting older and older .....
As for the eproms they go EOL >End Of Life
That means if u have a 27C256 eprom for example u can replace it
But when u have older eproms ,that means eproms that not are produced any more ,u can only get ore buy second hand of them
But then the question is as above ,how long will they live? they will go EOL !
With that in mind ,i did speak to Berger from Spain
So there was a possibility to do this !
What do it mean > well all old eproms(witch no longer are produced ) where removed and just 1 new socket is placed ,so a little modification to the Motherboard
The old eproms are be read out and put them all back in 1 single eprom 27C512 for example
But when it is open why not replace some other things ? i did so it,s live will be longer
Work done:

1) Study of ROM addressing for integration of the entire program in a single EPROM.

2) Modification of the motherboard for using a single EPROM.

3) Reconditioning of the power supply.

4) Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors.

5) Cleaning of connectors.

6) Re-soldering of some LEDs and connectors between PCBs.

7) Cleaning of LEDs, sensory board, casing, etc.

8) Assembly and testing.

U can see here the progress :
Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5uEEGPhcaZsQHF5J7

I have also already let done this with mine 2 Prestige boards ,and i am happy with it
I can recommend Berger from Spain ,he is one of the best repair Mann i ever know !
Also a nice person and very trustful as well

So people if u have a beautiful chess computer like a Prestige i would recommend this for a longer life ,so u can enjoy your computer for many years more


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