Kaufbeuren Germany 2018

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Kaufbeuren Germany 2018

Unread post by Sargon72 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:09 am

Hello All,

Tommorow i will travel to the D.A.C.H Kaufbeuren Tournament
It is in Germany ,me and 5 chess computer friends from Holland will drive +- 800 Km
Yes we are a little nuts
Well this year i will play in the A group with the last online WC winner the V11 100Mhz !
The V11 is based on the V10 of Fidelity 68040 cpu 40Mhz ,but then with a 68060 cpu on 100Mhz
Also i have the 72Mhz V11 version and this 100Mhz version is +- 33% faster as the 72Mhz version ,not only more mhz did the trick but also faster Bus and so on
As far as i know ,3 people have it in the World ,of course i did buy it from Steve UK ,complete with the Dreuke board
Well it is going to be a very exciting Tournament ! Ruud will bring a Tournament Machine with him ,that he buy last year .But TM have a 68040 CPU with +- 50 a 60Mhz ,this is +- a TM 68030 on 90-100 Mhz ! Also a other tester from Millennium Steffan Scholz will play this year with the new King Module ,only runs it on 20 a 30Mhz
Also Ruud Martin did improve the emu of the Revelation II ,now the Vancouver is +- 20% faster as normal ,Hein Veldhuis and Luuk Hofman will operate this Machine
Here the list of computers/players who will play

Name Gruppe A Gruppe B
Robert Weck Turnierleiter Turnierleiter
Alwin Gruber Mach II b
Kurt Kispert
Günter Steinmüller
Bernhard Lederw. Roma II
Steffen Scholz Millennium Chess
Michael Lang Tasc R30 2.5
Hans v. Mierlo Fidelity V11
Ralf Glomb Const.Expert 5 Mhz.
Wolfgang Spiekerm. Mephisto Modena
Hein Veldhuis
Ruud Martin
Luuk Hofman TM London
Paul Wiselius
Roland Hoepelman
Heiko Berger Superexpert B 6 Mhz
Rasmus Althoff CT800
Udo Heischer Atlanta
Walter Lang Genius 68030 London
Helge Matrisch Montreux
Helmut Hoffmann Centurion
Frank Jäger MM V
Achim Pietig Excalibur GM 32 Mhz
Thorsten Schöler Mephisto Milano
Gernot Holm GK2000, od.Centurion

Also the B group is a close call who is going to win the Tournament
Of course meeting other collectors and fun is the goal
But winning is always sweet as well
Well i will inform u when i return home ,that should be Monday


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Re: Kaufbeuren Germany 2018

Unread post by Sargon72 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:19 am

Hello All, after a long way back with snow and traffic jam and a dense highway in the Netherlands we all came home around 10 o'clock
Kaufbeuren was cozy again as always
The only downside was the service, but I think many agree with me. An improvement point for next year I think.
The tournament was exciting, I found myself with a surprising winner the R30 2.5, but extremely deserved! Also congratulations to Michael
As many know I played with the V11 100Mhz in the Dreuke Board of SteveUK, a nice 2nd place, unfortunately lost of the winner in a 100% draw position, under time pressure the V11 left his runner on the diagonal of a2-g8 , the R30 2.5 found the move at the very last moment Txc5! and now the black tower could no longer prevent a lady, unfortunately, I think if the V11 draw had been held the tournament winner would be.
with 5 wins 2 draws and a defeat an extremely successful tournament for this old program in this strong A group
The V11 was shared 2nd with the Millennium King which was only 20%
The operator Steffen had set him up for Aktief and Aegon Boek
what the King did not bring much in many openings, 1 or 2 pawns become fainter and then follow the facts. However, the program is good and with a good chess I even managed to draw or win, I personally think that with the setting normal and master book it would have been better because I think the King program was the best program in terms of playing chess, so even at only 20% of the 300Mhz cpu power, it played strong chess and it was a fair fight against the oldies
setbacks were of course also there, such as the Revelation II Vancouver EMU which by the new CPU was 20% schneller, unfortunately parties in which the vancouver was clearly better even lost, it sat Paul Wiselius not along
However, it was nice to see that Ruud Martin had a special emulation, the Novag Adversery Robot! great in the display the robot arm and even the emotions with sound showed the EMU
There were also O Wiener with the director von Millennium Thomas Karkosch, who also used the new King module.
Unfortunately there was a personal setback for Rasmus Althoff, not with the CT800 but for himself, on Saturday after a few round he got a migrant attack and had to go to bed.
In the B group it was also exciting until the last round, the centurion even suffered a loss against the Milano, but could still keep on remsie, becoming a tournament winner with second place the Excalibur Grandmaster on 32Mhz, third was Surprise the Novag Constellation Expert!
With a successful tournament, thanks to the organization !!
Mvg, Hans

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Re: Kaufbeuren Germany 2018

Unread post by CHVL » Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:17 am

Hello Hans,

Thank you for the interesting report,
Is it possible to have some photos of the computers and participants?



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