Nicevent Strategist Стратег Dark Wood USSR (1988) X-RARE

NICEVENT was located in Moscow and manufactured the Strategist Chess Computer which participated to the First USSR Chess Computer Championship. INTELLECT was the first chess computer Brand Name. Appearing at the First Soviet Computer Championship in 1988, the Intellect-01, programmed by Y. Kubinov, took the sixth and last place of the Tournament. After the competition, the Soviet Computer Chess Federation was founded. Under the brand name ELECTRONIKA, many different Soviet manufactures produced a variety of electronic products as computer systems, calculators, watches, tape recorders, video recorders, portable games, and radios. These products were exported and distributed under various names. Some of them were full copies of foreign technology. KIEV RADIO FACTORY or MAYAK made products including a clone of the Mephisto SchachSchule in 1992.
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Nicevent Strategist Стратег Dark Wood USSR (1988) X-RARE

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Photos will follow soon...

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