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Re: Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive

Post by Egbert » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:03 am

Hello, Hans,

Thank you very much, I think there will be exciting competitions soon: -)

Kind regards

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Re: Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive

Post by Egbert » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:31 pm

Hello everyone,

now I also belong to the circle of lucky owners of a ChessGenius Exclusive. :)

Below are some personal first impressions, of course subjective and not with the claim to be able to judge it better than others, or even to want to see my preferences as a reference.

- The packaging of the device is visually appealing and functional, as it is very stable.

- The operating instructions are similar to the Mephistos of that time, with Richard Lang as author of the program, very structured and written in an understandable way.

- The board is absolutely flat and I really like it. The LED's of the board are bright, but this really suits my taste. Unlike other reports, I do not find the audio signals disturbing. The board represents a sensible gradation to my Revelation II board in terms of size and quality. The figures are good, of course not to compare with the Ebony figures of Revelation II. This is already prohibited due to the striking price difference. The automatic character recognition works perfectly. The fact that grinding the figures does not work is certainly a flaw for some people, but it doesn't matter to me personally.

- Although the control unit has been visually shaded over time, the quality and design of the control unit is slightly different. Functionally, however, the control unit is very praiseworthy. The menu navigation is absolutely intuitive and reminds of the operation of the Mephisto Almeria and its successors. Very well implemented! Although the operating instructions have been really successful, they are hardly needed.

- An update of the ChessGenius Engine will be available shortly via download. I really don't expect a significant performance leap, if there will be any improvement at all. But who would have expected King Richard to pull himself up again and try to change/improve the engine? I personally think it's great and I'm grateful for it.

- It is fun to play with the device. However, I will not deal with the "old" ChessGenius Engine any more, my need for this was covered sufficiently with the ChessGenius Pro. With the upcoming update, the cards will be reshuffled and I will try to reach for the stars with the new engine and compete against Revelation II, Hiarc's 14.1, % Speed.

- In the middle of the year a further engine with own and qualitatively more high-quality control panel is offered, at a fair price of 199, - € from my point of view. I think I don't lean too far out of the window when I predict that many chess computer freaks, on an international level, are looking forward to the King Engine 2.6xxx by Johan de Konig. The very active and space-saving style of the game was already well known in the past (TASC 30/40). On the hardware of the CGE and the program improvements, however, the whole thing is now on a much higher level.

- The two tools (Update & PGN) are very easy to install and use. The download possibility of the books is well and simply implemented.

- The price-performance ratio is, in my opinion, appropriate, and it will be difficult to blame the manufacturer for wanting to earn money. On the other hand, about 3.500 € for the Revelation II were also appropriate for me. An objective discussion of prices is practically impossible in this area and should not be "instigated".

- The usability of the overall concept is outstanding. Even though I still prefer a chess board with an integrated control panel. It goes without saying that this is obviously accompanied by restrictions on flexibility.

- The Connectivity module should be released in the middle of the year. This could possibly increase the target group of the device considerably.

Conclusion from my point of view:

Very interesting and good device, at a fair price. Ideal for strong self-players and chess computer comparisons in the high-end area. The USB interface provides a certain amount of security for the future and the upcoming connectivity module could provide significantly more combination possibilities with the Millennium Board in the future, although I have to object that this is not necessarily my world so far.

Regardless of that device is, in my view, clearly recommendable.


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