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Links to other websites (manufacturers/forums/collectors)

Unread post by Sargon72 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:29 am


Here u can find Links to other computer sites ore company's
A site of the biggest collector of UK . Many info on his site .

A German site of Michael Volschow , Many and Many info there to be found ,do not be afraid to write there in English as well

A Great Spanish site as well from ,u can write here in English ore translate it at once on the site ,many info can their be found

A site from Mark Uniacke , feel free here to discuss any thing about computer chess ... ptseite_En

Here u can found almost all info u need about a Chess computer /Tournaments /Programmer and so on

A great Dutch site of mine friends Luuk Hofman and Hein Veldhuis ,Luuk is one of the biggest collectors of Netherlands and Hein is with his Database a reel historian ,see his database what is still not finished ,but Hein will go on with that A website of former Board member of the CSVN Ries van Leeuwen .Here u can find former User tournaments and many picture,s

A nice French website of Eric Belot a French Collector
A site of Peter Haupert who is a Collector from Germany and have some unique story,s /research
A very beautiful site of Javier a Spanish Collector ... es/ajedrez
A very nice site of Mr.Berger where u can find tips of repairs also he repairs chess computers as well and in mine opinion very good at that
A website of Alain Zanchetta ,who i know of the user tournaments in Paris . Here u can download many PDF file,s of Manuals of chess computers
A very nice site of Jose Elpeon ,where u can see how many euro people pay for Ebay auctions ,also nice picture,s as well of his collection and more
A Brazilian website of Oswaldo Monteiro ,many info about chess computers with Picture,s and so on
One of the Biggest collectors in the World Steve Blincoe from USA ,enjoy all the picture,s
A Great site form also a USA collector Nick many info can be found here
A site of German Thorsten Czub a Pioneer in Computer chess many nice info and articles can be found here
A website of the Mephisto Atlanta only ,enjoy of games etc.
A Frenche site of Eric Terrien ,nice info there can be found
Lars Nowak and his computer collection
A nice website of Kurt Rispert from Austria ,One of the first pioneers with a website of chess computers
Here u can download for free Arena and chess engines -Books etc.
A site of sadly past away 02.05.09 Ducth Tom Luif a great collector from Netherlands
CSS -Online ,many info can be found here
Heide und Hans-Peter Ketterling are back ,also here u can buy second hand chess computers ,also new and other stuff
Everything for chess u can find here
Website of one of the greatest programmers Ed Schroder ,also u can download old programs MM IV etc. and run them on your PC and more..
A Swiss named Peter Waldburger makes chess computers
Ruud Martin ,a friend of mine as well , he is the creator of Revelation . one of the strongest chess computers out there!
Here u can order one ,ore something else....
A german Company where u can buy many ,chess computers/repairs/books/software etc.
For repair from chess computers ,and he is good in repairing them ... 5da11f9a33
A site of Sascha Warnemünde here u can trade/buy/swap chess computers ... hp?board=1
A nice site of Ismenio with a nice Forum as well
The official site of the CSVN a Dutch website
World Class PC, Mac, Palm, Pocket PC Chess Software & Dedicated Chess Computers.

If u have other site,s as well ,please let us know .

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Re: Links to other websites (manufacturers/forums/collectors)

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