New User Tournament Netherlands 2018

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New User Tournament Netherlands 2018

Post by Sargon72 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:09 am

Hello All,

We off the Dutch CSVN want to play a user tournament in Limburg
the Place is nearby Maastricht (Valkenburg)
We are in talks with the Hotel and more
we want to play in April 13/14 ore 20/21 2018
Why there and not Leiden ?
this place is more central for Germans -France maybe Spain ,UK
Also there will be a PC tournament so u can meet the famous programmers themselves
If u are Interested lets us know
About cost etc, that info will follow
We will have a arrangement if u stay for example friday and Saterday and sleep in the Hotel
So i would say ,join and meet all the collectors and more
So also maybe the USA guys want to do this one time .
I can tell u out of mine experience it is magic such a weekend !


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