Klingenberg 2017

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Klingenberg 2017

Post by Sargon72 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:10 am

Hello ,

This is a video of the user tournament Klingenberg Germany 2017
I also played in this tournament with the Conchess

Have fun


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Re: Klingenberg 2017

Post by CHVL » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:24 am

Could you give us a report on the competition?


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Re: Klingenberg 2017

Post by Sargon72 » Sun May 06, 2018 8:29 am

Hello All ,

Klingenberg is ended
It was good weather and the drive to it from Holland was also ok ,no big traffic
Of course it is always good to see other collectors admirers and so on
We did play in a A elo till 1982 and B group U1700 elo
It was exciting till the last round in both groups
The Winner of the A group was the Mephisto Academy from Paul Wiselius
Winner of the B group was the Fidelity SC 9 the wolf in sheep clothes
What was special ,that Mr Ossi Weiner from Millennium did visit us
Some did Ossi from the past of WC ore other chess computer Tournaments
What was the reason of the visit ?> well the chairman of Millennium Thomas Karkosch did make some a4 papers with questions
So u can see it as a sort if market research
To mine opinion this was a good initiative from Millennium
I am sure some idea,s will be worked out by Millennium

I did play with the Novag Super Expert C 5mhz ,he did well 2 wins and 4 draws and lost vs the Academy
games can be found here
https://www.schach-computer.info/wiki/i ... rnier_2018

Tabel Group A:
P Gerät Punkte BH
1. Mephisto Academy 5.5 27.0
2. Fidelity Mach IIb 5.0 25.5
3. Mephisto Polgar 5.0 24.5
4. Mephisto Roma II 4.5 25.0
5. Mephisto Modena 4.5 25.0
6. Novag Super Expert C 4.0 29.5
7. Saitek D 10 MHz Renaissance 4.0 26.0
8. Mephisto Amsterdam 3.0 23.0
9. Mephisto Mega IV 2.0 22.0
10. Mephisto MM IV + HG440 2.0 20.0
11. Saitek D+ 6 MHz Renaissance 1.5 24.0
12. Mephisto Talking Chess Academy 1.0 22.5

Tabel group B
P Gerät Punkte BH/SB
1. Fidelity Sensory 9 5,0
2. Mephisto Excalibur 4,5
3. Sharper Image Phantom! Chess 3,5 18,5
4. Chafitz Steinitz Edition 3,5 14,0
5. Mephisto III Spezial 12 MHz 3,0 18,5
6. SciSys Superstar 28K 3,0 17,0
7. Mephisto Mirage 2,5
8. Chafitz TSB 4 La Regence 2,0 17,5/5,50
9. SciSys Leonardo 2,0 17,5/4,00
10. Conchess Escorter 1,0

Also as u can see on some picture,s,did Ruud Martin from Phoenix chess bring with him a Meph Tournament Machine 68040 !!
It was running on 32 Mhz i believe ,Ruud already have it on 50Mhz ,together with Richard Lang
Ruud did visit Richard some time ago with Hein Veldhuis
The story about the TM 68040 is that Ron Nelson did create this PCB for Richard and did send it to UK
Richard did even not know if it was working as well ....Ruud went home >power supply and did start up the TM 68040 and it did run ! and saying LYON ,so now did Richard compile some software and now Londen program is running in it
Maybe this was just a idea for a World championship ....who knows ?!
We can say after all these years ,it is another real treasure that is been found and 1 of a kind ! And Ruud is the proud owner of it
Also i have to say the board is as brand new of this TM 68040 and it is a little beast as well to play against

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